Conversational Spanish {Yearly Lesson Plan}

Lesson Profile
Student Level 
Middle (6-8)
Target Language 
Target Proficiency Level 
Greetings and introductions,
Personal background and needs,
Family and friends,
Home and neighborhood,
Holidays and celebrations,
Seasons and weather,
Time and calendar,
Leisure and pastimes,
Parts of the body and health
Performance Descriptors 
  • Basic factual conversation in highly familiar contexts
  • Answer simple, direct questions
  • Introduce oneself and exchange greetings
  • List, enumerate, identify
  • Use short, memorized phrases
  • Use formulaic expressions
  • Understand basic notices
  • Complete basic forms
Objectives and Standards
Objective 1 
Understanding the basic vocabulary
Objective 2 
Understanding the correct pronunciation
Objective 3 
Understanding the basic everyday greetings
Objective 4 
Understanding the basic self introduction
Objective 5 
Understanding the basic question and answer
World-Readiness Standards
1.1 Interpersonal: Learners interact and negotiate meaning in spoken, signed, or written conversations to share information, reactions, feelings, and opinions.
1.2 Interpretive: Learners understand, interpret, and analyze what is heard, read, or viewed on a variety of topics.
2.1 Practices: Learners use the language to investigate, explain, and reflect on the relationship between the practices and perspectives of the cultures studied.
2.2 Products: Learners use the language to investigate, explain, and reflect on the relationship between the products and perspectives of the cultures studied.
3.1 Other disciplines: Learners build, reinforce, and expand their knowledge of other disciplines while using the language to develop critical thinking and to solve problems creatively.
3.2 Diverse perspectives: Learners access and evaluate information and diverse perspectives that are available through the language and its cultures.
4.1 Languages: Learners use the language to investigate, explain, and reflect on the nature of language through comparisons of the language studied and their own.
4.2 Cultures: Learners use the language to investigate, explain, and reflect on the concept of culture through comparisons of the cultures studied and their own.
5.1 School and beyond: Learners use the language both within and beyond the classroom to interact and collaborate in their community and the globalized world.
California Standards
Common Core Standards
Performance Assessment (Final Project/Assessment)
Performance Task 1 - Interpretive 

Students will take short written and oral quizzes

Performance Task 2 - Presentational 

Students will write and answer questions on board and when asked

Performance Task 3 - Interpersonal 

Students will read short stories and explain/improvise conversations with one another

Functions, Structures, Vocabulary and Culture

Subjects, verbs, prepositions, and prepositional objects.
{i.e. Yo (subject) voy (verb) a (preposition) la tienda (prepositional object)}


Using a plural noun and the "we" form (the first-person plural) of the verb; in such cases it is not necessary to explicitly translate the "we" to Spanish:
{i.e. Los estudiantes somos perezosos. We students are lazy.}


Greetings and introductions
Personal background and needs
Family and friends
Home and neighborhood
Holidays and celebrations
Seasons and weather
Time and calendar
Leisure and pastimes
Parts of the body and health

Task 1 - Interpretive
Task 2 - Presentational
Task 3 - Interpersonal
Opening Activities / Setting the Stage 

5 minute warm up with posters
20 minute Introduction of 5 verbs, nouns, prepositions, etc.

Main Activities - Comprehensible Input 

Teacher will write five sentences on the board using the studied subject

Main Activities - Guided Practice 

Students will repeat after teacher, then will verbally create their own sentences when called

Main Activities - Independent Practice 

Students will write and attempt to translate, using their dictionaries, vocabulary pertaining to the subject.


Students will write five sentences from the vocabulary they learned.

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