I Like/Don't Like...

Lesson Profile
Student Level 
College / University
Target Language 
Teaching Context 
Hybrid / blended
Target Proficiency Level 
Performance Descriptors 
  • Basic factual conversation in highly familiar contexts
  • Answer simple, direct questions
  • Introduce oneself and exchange greetings
  • List, enumerate, identify
  • Use short, memorized phrases
  • Use formulaic expressions
  • Understand basic notices
  • Complete basic forms
Objectives and Standards
Objective 1 
Students will be able to express preference of food/drinks with reasons provided
Objective 2 
Students will be able to describe the five basic types of taste.
Objective 3 
Students will be able to show agreement/disagreement on others' preference
World-Readiness Standards
California Standards
Common Core Standards
Performance Assessment (Final Project/Assessment)
Functions, Structures, Vocabulary and Culture

1. Express preference with reason: like/dislike
2. Show agreement/disagreement


1. 我喜欢... I like...
2. 我不喜欢... I don't like...
3. 我也喜欢... I like... too.
4. 我也不喜欢.... I don't like...either.
5. 因为... because



Task 1 - Interpretive
Task 2 - Presentational
Task 3 - Interpersonal
Opening Activities / Setting the Stage 

Activity 1: Asynchronous
LE4b: I minimize my use of English by carefully and deliberately determining when and if I use English in the classroom.

LE5b: My students engage in language learning opportunities anchored in the modes of communication.

Activity overview:
Having learned the expression of like/dislike in a face-to-face setting, students are expected to practice the key phrases and vocabulary on their own by making sentences and record their oral performance.

1. Make sentences using the structure:
1) 我+ 喜欢+ (food /drinks), 因为 + 它很 + (five types of taste)
2)我 +不喜欢 + (food/drinks), 因为 + 它很+ (five types of taste)
(Optional)3)我+ 喜欢/不喜欢 + (food/drinks), 因为 + (any reasons you would like to provide)

Make one sentence for each structure (like and dislike), and the third sentence is optional for those who would like to try different answers.

2) Write down the sentences you have made and read them. Share your recording in Voice Thread with the written sentence provided.

3) Listen to your peers' recording in Voice Thread and provide oral response to show your agreement/disagreement with their preference.
Use the structure below:
我也喜欢 ... (I like...too)
我也不喜欢... ( I don't like...either)

Please attach your Voice Thread link by replying to my Yammer post.

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