Essential Classroom Words and phrases

Lesson Profile
Student Level 
Middle (6-8)
Target Language 
Teaching Context 
Hybrid / blended
Target Proficiency Level 
Performance Descriptors 
  • Basic factual conversation in highly familiar contexts
  • Answer simple, direct questions
  • Introduce oneself and exchange greetings
  • List, enumerate, identify
  • Use short, memorized phrases
  • Use formulaic expressions
  • Understand basic notices
  • Complete basic forms
Objectives and Standards
Objective 1 
Asynchronous: Students will learn to recognize the basic classroom vocabulary and be able to either use that vocabulary verbally or with actions to convey basic classroom needs.
Objective 2 
Synchronous Activity 1: Review previous vocab and learn a few more
Objective 3 
Synchronous Activity 2: I do - I introduce word combinations to class using slideshow.
Objective 4 
Synchronous Activity 3: We do - I say one part of the conversation and call on a student to say the other part.
Objective 5 
Synchronous Activity 4: They do - they make up new sentences/word combinations/conversations with the words presented.
World-Readiness Standards
1.1 Interpersonal: Learners interact and negotiate meaning in spoken, signed, or written conversations to share information, reactions, feelings, and opinions.
California Standards
Novice Range
1.0 Students use formulaic language (learned words, signs [ASL], and phrases).
1.0 Students use language in highly predictable common daily settings.
Common Core Standards
Performance Assessment (Final Project/Assessment)
Performance Task 3 - Interpersonal 

They have to have a brief conversation with a classmate.

Functions, Structures, Vocabulary and Culture

Communication without English of basic classroom vocabulary.


Word combining to make sentences.



Task 1 - Interpretive
Task 2 - Presentational
Task 3 - Interpersonal
Opening Activities / Setting the Stage 

Activity 1: Asynchronous
LE4b: I minimize the use of English by carefully and deliberately determining when and if I use English in the classroom.
LE5c: I equip my students with strategies that enable them to stay in the target language.

I will use an English video to introduce the lesson.
- part 1: The students will have their first exposure to the vocabulary on and will see both sides of the cards to start to learn the vocal.
- part 2: The students will watch a video of a sample class being introduced to the vocabulary.
- part 3: The students will quiz themselves using flashcards of the vocabulary.
- part 4: The students will play a game to get feedback from on their mastery of the vocabulary.
- part 5: The students will take a multiple choice assessment to get further feedback on their mastery of the vocabulary.

Activity 2: Synchronous
PF2a: I provide my students with frequent descriptive feedback.
- introduction: in English I will read aloud the plan for the activity, outlining the goal and the steps we will use to reach that goal.
-part 1: review the vocab from the last (asynchronous) lesson
-part 2: introduce a few new words
-part 3: learn how to combine those words to make phrases
-part 4: practice those phrases with each other
-part 5: students come up with new combinations of words to make phrases.
-part 6. describe a picture using combinations of the words presented.


Asynchronous: For a quick formative assessment I will do a quiz. Students log in at
Synchronous: the students will create their own phrases based on picture prompts.

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